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NewWay GTA V

The Perfect tool to never lose a game


NewWay is simply a better choice for your gameplay. Our tools are several years among the most popular in the world, being constantly improved and following the trends of design and best practices of code. Your search for the best solution is over, get your own copy and join our happy customers.


OPTIMIZED FORSpeed Performance

Choose NewWay and make everything that you want ingame at high performance. We made our project to be the must the optimized as possible.


THE MOSTSolid and Tested Base

NewWay has a very solid development base that has been improved since 2019 by our best developers.


TOP DESIGNS CREATED BYUsability Specialists

The designs of all tabs and all widgets included on NewWay tools were created by usability experts and modern designs standardsSpeed Performance


THE BESTCustomer Experience

4.65 average rating based on 2.1k+ reviews, NewWay it’s loved by the users.



We remade our code to keep you safe from game bans, 100% stable and always one step ahead.



We release updates every 15 days, you will always recieve new features and improvements.

Error: “Access expired”
1- This account don’t have it access to the menu anymore.
2- You are making a login on wrong file.
Error: “SSL Pinning Failed! (Try unistall Fiddler, Wireshark etc)”
AKA: connection error 1
Something on your pc it’s changing your public key, try to unistall this programs, this can also be caused by programs like filezila and etc any FTP connection that change your web certify.
Error: “You are hwid banned”
Your reseller/Our staff revoked your key.
My newway don’t open
Make sure you have the latest version of windows installed, along with the necessary (C++)for execution.
Error: “Failed to Inject!”
Close the game and try to inject again.
Error: “Invalid HWID”
Reset your hwid on the website.
Delete the “config.json”. %appdata% > NewWay > Loader
Error: “Your loader is outdated or update in progress, check newway discord”
Check newway discord :p
How config system works
On the menu settings you can save and load all your config, everytime you load the menu will automaticaly load the configs on AppData\Roaming\NewWay\GTA5\settings.json.
If you wanna delete the config you only need to erase the file .json on this folder.
Translation System
You can also load custom translations on newway, you only need to add the custom translation file to AppData\Roaming\NewWay\Translations.
You can take our default translation file here.